How to Uninstall the Verizon Games player - Windows XP

To Uninstall the Verizon Games player from your machine, follow the instructions below:

1. Click Start (on the lower left of the taskbar)

2. Click Settings

3. Click Control panel

4. Once the Control panel window opens, Click on "Add or Remove Programs"

5. Scroll down the list slowly and locate "Verizon Games Player"

6. Click on "Verizon Games player" and select "CHANGE/REMOVE"


If prompted to close any running Verizon Games players on the computer, right click on the Verizon Games icon on the lower right of the taskbar near the clock.

Select EXIT.-Then click on OK on the Message


7. The player will ask you if you want to Remove all the games downloaded, or if you want to Keep them; select "KEEP ALL" to keep the games already downloaded and saved on your computer.

After the Frontier Games player installation YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-DOWNLOAD THE GAMES VIA THE PLAYER in order to play. It will take few seconds per game

8. The player will start to uninstall. Once the uninstall is completed, a window will appear asking you to click on Finish to complete the uninstall process.

9. After removing the player, that last step will be to delete all Verizon Games icons that you may have on your desktop; to do this, just "right click" each icon and then select "Delete" from the dropdown menu that appears.


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